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Zeiss Ikonta 521

Zeiss Ikonta 521
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Price: $195.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 521
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Average Rating: Not Rated

Zeiss Ikonta 521

This rare classic is a find not to be passed up.

Comes with case


  • Medium format folding camera, body ser #N-60974*
  • 16 exposures on 120 film (2-1/4 x 1-3/4) (6 x 4.5)
  • 75mm OptonTessar f:3.5 lens #55282
  • Compur Rapid shutter, speeds 1-1/500
  • No flash synchronization


  • Boby: very near mint
  • Lens: No scratches, some signs of micro-dust
  • Shutter: Leaves in perfect condition, slow speeds sluggish but improve with use
  • Case: EXC leather but missing strap
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Zeiss Ikonta 521
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