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ClearSight Brushes

  • They are simple yet unique as each is made to our specifications
  • They are made of fine, soft hair that is 100% safe for cleaning the finest optics as well as negatives and slides
  • The ferrules are seamless and present no sharp edges
  • The hair is permanently bonded to the handle with double epoxy applications
  • The handle is made of varnished hardwood (we chose a company that purchases wood from ecology-minded suppliers)
  • Each brush measures 6.25 inches (16.3 cm) from tip to end

A word about "camel hair" brushes. Simply put, they do not exist. If a brush were made of camel hair, it could be good only for painting and scraping. All photographic and cosmetic brushes are made of soft hair from a variety of animals, from squirrel to sable.

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DeLuxe Brush
DeLuxe Brush
Lens Cleaning Kit
Lens Cleaning Kit
1" Flat Lens Brush
1" Flat Lens Brush
2" Flat Lens Brush
2" Flat Lens Brush